Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Melbourne IT mirror?

The Melbourne IT mirror was established in 2005 under AS24557 (then AussieHQ Pty Ltd) as a means to rapidly roll out updates across our server fleet from one central location, rather than having each server download from external sources individually. Over time we have made resources available on this mirror to the public at large, and were official mirrors for several large open source projects including Apache, Debian, CentOS, CloudLinux, PHP, Fedora and Ubuntu.

Sadly, due to the closure of the data centre it was housed in, the mirror is due to be decommissioned very soon (August 2020)


What hardware is in use?

The mirror service runs on our VMware vSphere infrastructure. Storage uses HDS G600. This is the 8th hardware iteration of the mirror.

What sort of network/bandwidth is available?

The mirror service is connected into the Melbourne IT data network (AS7496, AS24446 & AS24557) at 10Gbps.